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Opinion of Value

We understand that when selling a business the selling price is a major factor in determining whether to sell your business or not. HBG Advisors provides business owners with a Free, no-obligation, written opinion of value that provides a realistic range of what the business is worth.

The ability to determine the market value of a business is both an art and a science and requires years of practical experience. See our process here.

The opinion of value begins by us requesting some basic financial and operational information for your business. A recast of your financials so that a clear picture of the true earnings of the business can be seen. We then analyze the growth potential of the business within your industry and review the sale of similar companies.

The opinion of value provides the market value for the business and describes the process to sell your business while keeping the sale confidential.

We preform an Opinion of Value on every potential client business.

Free Opinion of Value of your business!

HBG Advisors Inc. offers a free no opinion of value. This valuation service is provided free of charge with no obligation for anything further to anyone wanting to sell their business. The process of valuing the company is important for both the business owner to determine if you would like to sell your business. It is also very important to HBG Advisors to understand what the value of your business and how this meets with your (the business owners) expectations. While HBG Advisors does not charge any money upfront, it is imperative that HBG Advisors and the business owner agree on a value range to list and market the business. If this isn’t possible, HBG Advisor will decline the opportunity to list your business for sale.

Opinion of Value for a fee

While we offer a free no obligation opinion of value when a business owner desires to sell their business. We also offer a fee based Opinion of value. The reasons may vary but the bottom line is when a business owner doesn’t have the desire to list their business for sale. We offer a written report that provides detailed analysis of what the value of the business is and how we arrived at that value. This valuation process is detailed and will help a business owner understand the value of their company with backup data data to support the opinion. The price for this type of of valuation varies based on the size and purpose of the valuation. Please contact our office today to get a firm cost.

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